Haleigh Ciel
Haleigh Ciel
Funny Girl | Filmmaker | Fantastigal

A self-taught editor and filmmaker, my desire to create is driven by my eagerness to capture the beauty of the world around me as well as free my imagination.

I began learning the adobe suite and bought my first DSLR when I found the stories I wanted to tell were not being captured in the projects I was auditioning for. 

Even though I have produced several commercials, started a video blog, and created content for a network, the journey of storytelling for the silver screen is fairly new and I am excited to see where it leads me. 

Currently, I am attempting to create a video a week. If you would like to see my most recent videos, please follow me on Youtube or check back here. 

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For the Curiouser 


For The Curiouser is a video travel blog inspired by Alice in Wonderland and created out of my love for all things "wonder" - full. Come follow me down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass into a wonderland of fashion, night life, beauty, and self-discovery.  

Fun Taiwan 

TLC Discovery Asia's Fun Taiwan 

I was cast on the insanely "fun" and cultural tv series Fun Taiwan. As a team of content creators, I and the other hosts explored Taiwan's beautiful landscape, colorful history, delicious food, hot springs, fashion, and more. I created three videos that were broadcast with the show as well as social content that was used in helping to promote the show and tourism to Taiwan. It was a truly an adventure of a lifetime and I invite you to come along with me to discover the "heart of Asia."  

Femme Khan Films

As a huge fan of Star Trek, I created two fun viral videos to celebrate the 50th Anniversary as well as my favorite character - Khaaaaannnn!  

Happy Borgday is a mashup of Katy Perry's Happy Birthday and the best scenes of Voyager's Seven of Nine. It was featured on Geek Exchange and also included an interview with me about winning "Best in Show" for the Official CBS Cosplay Contest at the Star Trek Convention in New York.

My second video is a sketch perfume add inspired by my Femme Khan cosplay and fellow cosplayer Shyaporn Theerakulstit. I had brought my Femme Khan Cosplay to NYCC in 2013 and was voted as "Absolute Best Cosplay of 2013" by i09, "#1 Best Genderswapped Cosplay from New York Comic Con" on Buzzfeed, was featured on the Mary Sue, GeekChicElite,  and was "Best in Show" for the Official CBS Cosplay Contest.

I am super proud of my Femme Khan Costume as well as the many women who now cosplay as this traditionally male character. I love when fans take cosplay and bring it into their own individual world. I think that is when cosplay is at its most powerful. Regardless of your gender, culture, age, ethnic background, shape/size, you can be your favorite character! It is not only empowering for the cosplayer, but in turn, it opens the minds of producers, casting directors, illustrators, directors, and the audience to a whole new world of diverse possibilities for these beloved and iconic characters. 


Skin is a short experimental film with cinematography by Stephen La Marche and inspired by my fascination with the selkie mythology. 

Selkies are mythical creatures that shed their seal skins during the full moon to transform into women and dance upon the shore. If a man was able to steal the pelt of a selkie she would be his forever and unable to return to the sea. 

Skin follows a selkie as she finds her pelt and is faced with the decision to leave her life and return to the ocean.  

Coeur de Glace

Heart of Ice is a french film that follows a young girl's journey to find her lost sister. Set in the forests of Quebec, this cold magical adventure is inspired by Frozen, the talented artists - the Frouds, and the W.B. Yeats poem, The Stolen Child

Coeur de Glace suit le cheminement d'une jeune fille pour retrouver sa soeur perdue. Située dans les forêts du Québec, cette aventure fantastique s'inspire de Frozen, du talentueux artiste - les Frouds, et du poème The Stolen Child par W.B. Yeats.

Skinny Love 

Never let perfection stand in the way of enough - because you are enough. 

Shot over a weekend at the Stella Adler Studio, Skinny Love is an audition that morphed into a short film. A dancer lets her obsession with her physical appearance consume her artistry. 

Jacob dans Eglise (Jacob in Church) and Young at Heart are two documentary shorts chronicling family life. Jacob dans Eglise (Jacob in Church) is a triptych of cinematic and comedic gold. Jacob attends Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve only to discover he has failed to take his ADHD medication. Young at Heart celebrates my grandmother turning 100 years old.